I am actively involved in the design, development and presentation of training programmes and learning workshops that focus on promoting effective workplace cooperation, communication and conflict and relationship management.

I work as a consultant to the International Labour Organisation, (ILO on whose behalf I train mediators, negotiators and other stakeholders internationally through delivering ‘in country’ training, as well as at the ILO’s International Training Centre in Turin, Italy.

Locally, I also present training for Conflict Dynamics, ( a leading South African provider of mediation, negotiation and collective bargaining courses.

I work in association with Canadian restorative justice and Peace Circles specialist, Dr Evelyn Zellerer, and Peace of the Circle ( in presenting training on the Fundamentals of Peace Circles.

With the ‘Sari Sisters’ at Bangladesh Conciliation training
Being different in training!
Interpersonal Conflict Management training at the International Labour Organisation’s training centre in Turin, Italy


Designed and presented at a Colloquium of World Bank Regional Mediators in Buenos Aires. (The intention being for the mediators to use the modules in staff capacity-building sessions in their own geographical regions).

A five-day programme developed for the ILO and presented at the International Training Centre in Turin, Italy.

Two five-day programmes developed for the ILO’s Social Dialogue and Industrial Relations programme in Bangladesh. The training included a ‘Training-of-Trainers’ component to build the capacity of Bangladeshi trainers to roll out the training at factory level.

Design, development and presentation of a context-specific Mediation Skills course for the International Fund for Agricultural Development. The programme seeks to build in-house mediation capacity and it includes an assessment component.

Two courses developed for the ILO’s Better Work programme. Better Work focuses on improving conditions of employment and productivity in the garment industry in seven key garment manufacturing countries. The two courses:

  • Promoting Effective Collective Bargaining;
  • Coaching and Influencing Stakeholders to Support Effective Industrial Relations.

Presentation of training for conciliators based in the Bangladesh Department of Labour.


  • Every person comes with a rich life experience. It’s my job to tap into it.
  • Hear all voices in the room, not just those of the more experienced.
  • Offer different ways of thinking about and doing things – respect that people make choices about what they want to take on.
  • People first, content second’. Before content, connect to the people and support them to connect to each other.
  • Being a ‘learner as much as being the ‘teacher’. I offer my knowledge and experience, but do not hold myself as ‘the expert’.
  • Learning is not simply a cognitive process – our emotions and bodies play a significant role and they need to be acknowledged and taken care of in the learning process.
  • Make learning fun – invite people to play and laugh and share different parts of themselves.